Warranties & Guarantee

Struxure Warranties

StruXure NorCal, the exclusive dealer of StruXure pergolas in Northern California, is proud to offer a comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our products. This warranty, provided by the manufacturer, StruXure Outdoor, covers defects in materials for new StruXure Outdoor products. The warranty is extended to the original purchaser and can be transferred to new owners through the appropriate procedures.

What Our Warranty Covers

Our product is warranted against defects in materials.

The warranty covers various components of the pergola systems for different time periods. Support components, including posts, gutters, louvers, and beams, are warranted for fifteen years from the installation date. Manual systems’ components, excluding the manual crank arm, are covered for ten years. Power components, such as the motor, power supply, receiver, and electronic controls, are covered for five years. For more information, please read our full warranty terms.

louvered pergola cover

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