Architects & Designers

How We Serve Architects and Designers

Architects and designers, your search for the optimal shading solution is over. At StruXure NorCal’s, we work with a diverse clientele group from homeowners to contractors to business owners. This experience allows us to prove expert pergola installation for architects and designers. Our collection of motorized pergolas is crafted to deliver not just shade, but an enhancement to the living spaces you design for your clients.

Architects & Designers

At StruXure NorCal, we are committed to ensuring your vision comes to life with excellence. As designers ourselves, we understand the importance of seamless execution from design to completion.

When you choose us as your pergola partner, you gain more than exceptional products – you gain comprehensive support at every phase:

  • Flawless Integration: We handle permitting, engineering requirements, and all compliance processes so you can stay focused on the creative aspects. Our expertise translates your vision into reality.


  • Efficient Installations: Your timelines matter. We work efficiently to install your pergola designs, meeting project deadlines while adhering to quality standards.


  • Proactive Communication: From concept to installation, we keep you updated through timely communication and transparency. No guessing games … just expert support.

Please give us a call with your project details, and we will get back to you promptly.

louvered pergola cover

StruXure Products

Work with nature, not against it, and bring the indoors outside with a motorized pergola from StruXure NorCal. With just a click of a button, your pergola design seamlessly adapts to control sunlight, rain, and ambiance.

Collaborate with StruXure NorCal and discover premium pergolas and cabanas that blend automation and style for spaces as versatile as they are jaw-dropping.

Together, we can design show stopping, motorized pergolas that infuse your visions with functionality.

Adapt to the seasons, weather, and your clients’ needs with just a click. Contact StruXure NorCal to get started on creating versatile, automated shade spaces today.

We have a wide range of shading solutions for architects and designers.

backyard white louvers roof pergola with fan

Pergola X

The original StruXure Pergola. It features a sleek, modern design with pivoting louvers that let you control the amount of sun, wind, and rain protection. Available in 4 models:

white louvers roof pool side

Cabana X

The Cabana X is perfect for any pool, patio, or outdoor living space. Its 10×10 size makes it a versatile solution that can serve as a dining room, pool house, outdoor office, or anything your imagination can dream up. Available in 2 models:


Let’s Create A Luxurious Outdoor Living Space