How We Serve Businesses With Commercial Pergolas

StruXure NorCal is a premier provider of innovative shading solutions tailored to enhance outdoor experiences for businesses across Northern California. Their state-of-the-art offerings, including customizable commercial pergolas and luxurious cabanas, are designed to meet the diverse needs of business and commercial spaces. 

By merging functionality with elegance, StruXure NorCal helps businesses transform their outdoor areas into stylish and comfortable retreats that can be enjoyed year-round. Whether it’s for a restaurant outdoor dining area or patio, a resort poolside, a corporate terrace, or other commercial space, StruXure NorCal’s commercial pergola and cabana products offer the perfect blend of protection from the elements and open-air ambiance, ensuring that guests, customers, clients, and employees are provided with an exceptional and memorable experience.

How Your Business Benefits from Shade Solutions

Businesses invest in commercial pergolas as shade solutions for many reasons, whether they involve comfort, aesthetics, or health:

Commercial pergolas enhance customer comfort by providing relief from the sun, which is crucial for establishments like cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating.

Pergolas also elevate the aesthetic appeal of the premises, attracting more customers with their architectural charm.

They offer weather protection, ensuring outdoor spaces are usable in various conditions, and extend the usable outdoor area, a boon for businesses with limited indoor space.

louvered pergola cover

This extension is energy-efficient, as it helps lower indoor temperatures, reducing air conditioning costs.
Pergolas’ versatility is showcased in their ability to adapt to different events and customer preferences, often featuring retractable roofs.

They are not only a practical addition but also a strategic investment, potentially increasing the property value and aligning with branding efforts.

Moreover, they offer health benefits by protecting patrons from UV rays, aligning with the growing public awareness about sun safety.

A rooftop StruXure Pergola can expand the use of your building in different ways:

  • Office Buildings: Your rooftop pergola can serve as an outdoor meeting space or a place for breaks, plus it makes a great networking and event space for social gatherings.
  • Healthcare Facility: A StruXure rooftop pergola can served as a therapeutic garden space where patients and staff can relax. It can contribute to wellbeing.
  • Retail Spaces: Your rooftop pergola can be a place to have seasonal pop-up shops or an outdoor showroom experience.

StruXure NorCal will work with you to create a custom commercial pergola design that meets the needs of your business and budget.

When you choose StruXure NorCal, you gain more than just exceptional products; we are committed to your success. As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of timely project execution.

That’s why we take care of everything, from obtaining permits once the design is approved to ensuring prompt installations. This means you can focus on what you do best. We’re here to make your life easier!

Message us today to explore the potentials for your space.

StruXure Products

Work with nature, not against it, and bring the indoors outside with a motorized pergola from StruXure NorCal. Imagine a pergola that adapts to your client’s needs with the click of a button. Our motorized systems offer that luxury.
The result? An outdoor space that’s as versatile as it is stunning.
Join forces with StruXure NorCal and gain access to a curated selection of premium pergolas that sync with any outdoor aesthetic. Embrace the ease of collaboration with a team that prides itself on punctuality and precision.

backyard white louvers roof pergola with fan

Pergola X

The original StruXure Pergola. It features a sleek, modern design with pivoting louvers that let you control the amount of sun, wind, and rain protection. Available in 4 models:

white louvers roof pool side

Cabana X

The Cabana X is perfect for any pool, patio, or outdoor living space. Its 10×10 size makes it a versatile solution that can serve as a dining room, pool house, outdoor office, or anything your imagination can dream up. Available in 2 models:


Let’s Create A Luxurious Outdoor Living Space