Cabana X

The Struxure Cabana X is perfect for any pool, patio, or outdoor living space. Its 10×10 size makes it a versatile solution that can serve as a dining room, pool house, outdoor office, or anything your imagination can dream up. 

Available in 2 models:

white louvers roof pool side

Cabana X: The Ultimate Versatile, Cabana-Style Louvered Pergola

With its 10×10 size, the Struxure Cabana X is a versatile pergola that can serve various purposes. So whether you’re looking for a pool house, an outdoor office, or just a place to relax in your backyard, Cabana X has you covered. It uses the same technology as our Pergola X, so you can also control the amount of sun, wind, and rain protection with its pivoting louvers.

white louvers roof pool side

Some of its unique features include:


The Cabana X is not permanently built into the ground, so you can relocate it in the future if necessary.

Quick assembly

Order the Cabana X, and we will deliver and install it in just a few days. Additionally, it does not require engineering or permitting.

Accessible Price

The Cabana X offers all the benefits of StruXure shade technology at a lower price point.

white louvers roof pool side


Essential Outdoor Comfort

The Core model is the basic version of the Cabana X. It offers the essential features of the Cabana X at the best price but does not include all extra tech enhancements, such as LED lighting and the ability to control the louvers with your smartphone. Instead, it comes with a handheld remote to control the louvers.

Core +

Enhanced Tech & Ambiance

The Core + model adds extra tech features to the basic Core model, such as LED lighting, smartphone support, and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities. You can control the louvers with your smartphone or access the internet while relaxing in your backyard.

white louvers roof pool side

Ready, Set, Configure!

Modular Cabana System

Smart Living Meets Outdoor Luxury

Somfy® - Leader In Automation: Pioneering the Future of Smart Outdoors.

Smart Capabilities

WiFi Integration:

Seamlessly control your outdoor environment with our StruXure app from any smart device.

Home Automation Compatibility:

Sync with leading platforms like Brilliant Tech, URC, RTI, Elan, Savant, and more.

Voice Command:

Operate your StruXure system effortlessly using voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Rain Sensitivity:

Automatic adjustments at the first hint of rain, ensuring your space remains perfect.

Wireless Remote:

Personalized settings, tailored convenience at your fingertips.

Wind Sensors:

Intelligent adaptations for high wind conditions, maintaining safety and durability.

Let Your Outdoor Space Work For You

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer six standard color options for our pergolas: white, beige, bronze, adobe, black, and gray. Custom colors are also available upon request to perfectly match your design preferences.

StruXure pergolas are highly customizable and can be designed to cover virtually any size of space. We can combine as many zones as needed to achieve the required coverage.

Our team is knowledgeable about local building codes and can assist you with the permitting process if required. We will work with you to ensure your pergola installation complies with all relevant regulations.

Yes, we can incorporate various features like lighting, outdoor heating, and fans into your pergola system, creating a truly customized outdoor living space.