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Picture your perfect outdoor area. What unique elements do you see?

Imagine a stylish pergola equipped with mood lighting and modern design. With our specialized pergola services in Mountain View, California, turning your dream into a reality is possible.

StruXure NorCal employs a team of skilled general contractors who are experts in setting up sophisticated pergolas using premium materials. We provide a variety of styles that meet the preferences of many property owners. No matter if you have a residential, commercial, or mixed-use property, our range of pergola designs will surely elevate your space. 

Why Mountain View Residents Love Us

photo of a StruXure NorCal motorized pergola with louvers, outdoor furniture, and an outdoor fireplace in Redwood City photo

Mountain View, nestled in Northern California, boasts mild and enjoyable weather throughout most of the year. This climate encourages locals to seek outdoor relaxation following their day-to-day activities, whether it’s work, spending time with family, or socializing with friends. Our range of pergola and cabana designs offers the perfect retreat to relax, have a beverage, and take in the stunning natural scenery.

At StruXure NorCal, we value the importance of living in the moment. What better way to achieve this than in the comfort of your own custom-built deck or patio? Explore our enduring, easy-to-maintain design choices suitable for both homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on surpassing our customers’ expectations and are always delighted to hear that we’ve done a “fantastic job.” 

Motorized Pergola Designs

photo of a StruXure NorCal pergola attached to an outbuilding that features an outdoor kitchen in Redwood City.

Our Pergola X series comes with motorization, giving you total command over your desired level of shade and protection. These models include adjustable louvers that can be operated automatically or via remote control, ensuring you get the perfect amount of coverage from rain, sunlight, and wind.

These advanced pergolas can be fine-tuned with the touch of a button through preset configurations or a smartphone app. Select models are also equipped to respond to voice commands. Plus, the louvers are designed to react to the weather, closing automatically at the first sign of rain.

Our Pergola X series features four style options:

  • Pivot 6: We recommend the Pivot 6 for homeowners looking for smaller pergola accommodations with all the exciting features. This model is one of our most popular products due to its affordability and compact size.
  • Pivot 6 Slide: This pergola model allows users to enjoy an unobstructed sky view while enjoying plenty of coverage. It gives you complete control without disrupting your cloud-watching or star-gazing hobby
  • Pivot 6 XL: Business owners love the Pivot 6 XL for its generous size and lavish design. We think it’s perfect for outdoor music venues, restaurants, and other businesses looking to enhance their outdoor areas for an inviting customer experience.
  • Pan 6: We recommend this model for property owners looking for sprawling pergolas at an affordable price. You can customize the Pan 6 model’s automation capabilities. If you have a large outdoor space, explore how our Pan 6 can meet your coverage needs with a stylish decking solution.   

Cabana Designs

photo of a StuXure NorCal outdoor privacy cabana with lounge chairs with a beautiful California vista in the background in Redwood City photo.

The Cabana X series features elegant designs that bring a romantic flair to any setting. Perfect for enhancing luxurious gardens, pool areas, and landscapes with distinctive features, these models can be enclosed to craft the ideal outdoor office, art studio, alfresco dining space, or greenhouse.

These cozy pergolas capture the essence of traditional cabanas and incorporate select motorized functionalities similar to those in the Pergola X series. Both residential and commercial owners value these models for their mobility, straightforward setup, and cost-effectiveness.

We currently offer two Cabana X models:

  • Core: We recommend Core models for property owners looking for a cost-effective option without all the bells and whistles. A core cabana pergola doesn’t feature LED lights or louver control. Its minimal style and simple charm make it a perfect option for property owners who want the bare necessities.
  • Core +: Core + offers a feature-rich experience with the same minimalist style. It includes automated louver control, internet access, and support for smart devices. You can also enjoy LED illumination after the sun sets.

Services We Offer in Mountain View, CA

photo of a StruXure NorCal motorized pergola that provides shelter and shade for an outdoor dining room and outdoor kitchen attached to a home in Redwood City.
At StruXure NorCal, we’re dedicated to more than just constructing decks. We offer a full spectrum of services in Mountain View, California, ensuring each pergola installation elevates your outdoor living experience for many years to come. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our comprehensive approach, offering the following advantages:
  • Professional engineering and design: Tailoring our recommendations to your preferences and financial plan, we use only robust materials designed to endure regular use and the rigors of outdoor weather.  
  • Efficient project completion: We’re mindful of your anticipation for your new outdoor retreat. Our installations are swift yet meticulous, enabling you to enjoy the enhancements our products bring swiftly.  
  • Cost-effective solutions: We believe in making luxury accessible. Our pricing allows homeowners to experience upscale outdoor living without breaking the bank.  
  • Diverse product range: Our extensive selection ensures there’s a pergola to match every taste, budget, and requirement. From simple designs to those with advanced features, your ideal pergola awaits.  
  • Superior customer service: Our alignment with StruXure is based on shared values of creating memorable customer experiences. Interactions with our team are designed to be as enduringly positive as the quality of our pergolas.  

Benefits of a Luxurious Pergola

photo of a StruXure NorCal luxurious pergola that provides shelter and shade to a patio on the back of a home in Redwood City.

Every property can experience the advantages of incorporating a StruXure Pergola. For businesses, our pergolas create a welcoming retreat that enhances the customer experience, making it a pleasant and inviting space for visitors. Homeowners, on the other hand, can enjoy a new perspective of their property’s beauty from the comfort of a stylish and cozy outdoor area.

Pergolas offer additional advantages, including:

  • An attractive landscape feature that never falls out of style
  • A designated space for intimate gatherings
  • The perfect backdrop for small weddings, birthdays, and other events
  • A balanced blend of modern comfort and outdoor experiences
  • Architectural diversity that makes any landscape stand apart from the rest

Add value to your home and life with a modern pergola from one of our product lines. 

Choose StruXure NorCal for the Best Pergola Services in Mountain View, California

Photo of four StuXure NorCal privacy cabanas along the edge of a large built-in pool in Redwood City.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor space with a gorgeous pergola designed to suit your preferences.