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Pause for a second to picture your perfect outdoor retreat. Are there any standout elements you can think of? You might dream of a chic pergola outfitted with mood lighting and a modern touch. Are you longing for a pergola in Cupertino, California, can bring that dream to life. At StruXure NorCal, our experienced general contractors are adept at crafting stunning pergolas using premium materials. Our offerings include a range of styles that suit property owners’ diverse preferences. Whether you’re enhancing a home, a commercial space, or both, our crew stands ready to deliver a pergola solution that beautifully complements your venue.

Why NorCal Residents Love Us

photo of a StruXure NorCal motorized pergola with louvers, outdoor furniture, and an outdoor fireplace in Redwood City photo

Cupertino’s gentle and inviting climate allows its residents to indulge in outdoor leisure almost year-round. Many seek the serenity of nature’s embrace after a day filled with professional commitments or quality time with loved ones. Our line of pergolas and cabanas creates the perfect retreat to relax, sip a beverage, and bask in Cupertino’s picturesque surroundings.

At StruXure NorCal, we’re all about embracing the here and now. Is there a better way to do so than under the canopy of your custom-crafted deck or patio? Explore our classic, easy-care design selections, perfect for homes and businesses in the area. We revel in our customer’s happiness and are overjoyed when they share that our work was “fantastic.”

Motorized Pergola Designs in Cupertino

photo of a StruXure NorCal pergola attached to an outbuilding that features an outdoor kitchen in Redwood City.

Our Pergola X models feature motorization, providing you with ultimate control over the level of coverage you desire. This series incorporates louvers that can be automated or controlled remotely. Each design offers optimal protection against rain, sun, and wind.

You can effortlessly adjust these technologically advanced pergolas using automatic presets or an app on your mobile device. Certain options even respond to voice commands. The weather-sensitive louvers will automatically close when rain is detected.

Our Pergola X series features four style options:

  • Pivot 6: We recommend the Pivot 6 for homeowners looking for smaller pergola accommodations with all the exciting features. This model is one of our most popular products due to its affordability and compact size
  • Pivot 6 Slide: This pergola model allows users to enjoy an unobstructed sky view while enjoying plenty of coverage. It gives you complete control without disrupting your cloud-watching or star-gazing hobby. 
  • Pivot 6 XL: Business owners love the Pivot 6 XL for its generous size and lavish design. We think it’s perfect for outdoor music venues, restaurants, and other businesses looking to enhance their outdoor areas for an inviting customer experience.
  • Pan 6: We recommend this model for property owners looking for sprawling pergolas at an affordable price. The Pan 6 model’s automation capabilities can be customized. Explore how our Pan 6 can meet your coverage needs with a stylish decking solution if you have a large outdoor space. 

Cabana Pergola Designs

photo of a StuXure NorCal outdoor privacy cabana with lounge chairs with a beautiful California vista in the background in Redwood City photo.

Our Cabana X series offers stylish models that add a touch of romance to any property. They beautifully complement lush garden areas, swimming pools, and properties with unique landscape features. You can enclose them to create the perfect outdoor office, craft room, open dining area, or plant sanctuary.

These compact pergolas provide a classic cabana experience and include motorized Pergola X series features. Both homeowners and business owners appreciate these models for their portability, easy assembly, and affordable price point.

We currently offer two Cabana X models:

  • Core: We recommend Core models for property owners looking for a cost-effective option without all the bells and whistles. A core cabana pergola doesn’t feature LED lights or louver control. Its minimal style and simple charm make it a perfect option for property owners who want the necessities. 
  • Core +: Core + offers a feature-rich experience with the same minimalist style. It includes automated louver control, internet access, and support for smart devices. You can also enjoy LED illumination after the sun sets. 

Services We Offer in Cupertino, Ca.

photo of a StruXure NorCal motorized pergola that provides shelter and shade for an outdoor dining room and outdoor kitchen attached to a home in Redwood City.

At StruXure NorCal, our expertise goes beyond just deck construction for our clientele. We offer a wide range of services in Cupertino, California. Our skilled artisans design every pergola we create to deliver an opulent open-air sanctuary that homeowners can cherish for years. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is embodied in our approach, which includes these advantages:

  • Professional engineering and design: We recommend models based on your desires, needs, and budget. Each product consists of durable materials that can withstand daily use and exposure to outdoor elements. 
  • Speedy time frame for each project: Although we carefully install each pergola, we understand your yearning to enjoy your new outdoor hangout. We complete projects quickly and thoroughly to ensure customers promptly reap the benefits of our products. 
  • Affordable prices: At StruXure NorCal, we believe everyone deserves a little luxury in their lives. Our accessible price points allow property owners to indulge in an accessible, luxurious experience year-round. 
  • Extensive product line: You’ll find a model that meets your needs, budget, and desires. Whether you want to stick to the basics or enjoy a feature-rich model, you’ll discover the perfect pergola for your sensibilities. 
  • Excellent customer experience:  We partnered with StruXure because their values align perfectly with ours. We craft unforgettable experiences for all customers. Our goal is that your interactions with our team will leave a good impression lasting as long as our quality pergolas. 

Benefits of a Luxurious Pergola

photo of a StruXure NorCal luxurious pergola that provides shelter and shade to a patio on the back of a home in Redwood City.

We can significantly enhance any Cupertino property when you partner with us at StruXure NorCal. Our pergolas enrich the ambiance for residential and commercial spaces, providing guests with a warm and welcoming haven. Residents can experience the charm of their home afresh from the comfort of these stylish structures.

Pergolas offer additional advantages, including:

  • An attractive landscape feature that never falls out of style
  • A designated space for intimate gatherings
  • The perfect backdrop for small weddings, birthdays, and other events
  • A balanced blend of modern comfort and outdoor experiences
  • Architectural diversity that makes any landscape stand apart from the rest

Add value to your home and life with a modern pergola from one of our product lines. 

Choose StruXure NorCal for the Best Cabana and Pergola Builder in Cupertino, California

Photo of four StuXure NorCal privacy cabanas along the edge of a large built-in pool in Redwood City.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor living environment with a gorgeous pergola designed to suit your desires and priorities.

Cupertino homeowners, contractors, and business owners – request a free estimate. We will send a pergola builder in Cupertino, California, to your property to help you find the perfect pergola match!